Before and after of my makeup from todays lady deadpool cosplay. YOU GUYS this day was so fucking surreal. 

People really responded more than I thought to the cosplay and took TONS of pics and told me they appreciated the makeup. Apparently not a lot of people take the time. A woman in 7/11 couldn’t even finish chewing before freaking out! I joined and became one of the main ring leaders of a HUGE group of other deadpools and our shenanigans were legendary. (IF ANY OF YOU GUYS WHO SEE THIS WERE A PART OF THIS GROUP I WANNA FOLLOW YOU AND MESSAGE YOU AND BE YOUR FRIEND YOU WERE AWESOME EVERYONE!!) For example shooting pics and a vid with RUN DMC!! Not to mention i on multiple occasions today met and got pics with creator of deadpool Rob Liefield and current artist Reilly Brown both of whom were impressed and ecstatic about the makeup!!!!! Later on I met AGAIN with Reilly and he gave me a brownie and got a pic of me for himself and talked about his artistic process in detail and marvel internships!!! (Obv we are bffs now) Right after I met and chatted with Anthony Messina (Harley’s joker cosplay) and he remembered the painting I did of him.
Also some random dude stopped me and asked if he could draw me!:

It really doesnt get any better than today.

There will definitely be more pictures of the day to come and if you happen to see any pics of me floating around online please link me!!!!! :D